POV DISCUSSION: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 6 & 7

vlcsnap-2016-09-14-13h40m55s635I feel that things are finally starting to move forward but I’m still not sure what kind of drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo wants to be. I’ll discuss about this in a while.

So Hae Soo finally enters the palace, though it was really weird that she was betroth to the King. Well, at least we know the King was only doing it for political reasons and not that he really needed another wife.

I’m still confused by Ji Mong’s existence. I’m not sure what kind of role he’s supposed to be in the drama. Will he just simply be the astronomer? Or is the drama trying to make him a character which knows Hae Soo is from the future – or something along those lines?

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POV DISCUSSION: She Was Pretty Episode 5 & 6


Alright back with a discussion for Episode 5 & 6 🙂

Sung Joon is slowly realizing that the Hye Jin he once knew is no longer the same and yet another Hye Jin somehow reminds him of the old Hye Jin. Ha Ri decides to go all out to try to win Sung Joon’s heart – or maybe more appropriately, she is doing whatever she can to spend more time with Sung Joon, even if it means faking her identity.

How long will it last – nobody knows. I hope it won’t take too long for the reveal, but at least enough time for Sung Joon to fall for Hye Jin as Hye Jin – and not as his first love. Besides, we also have another thing to worry about – how is Shin Hyuk’s existence going to complicate the already complicated relationship between the characters?

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POV DISCUSSION: Kill Me Heal Me Episode 5 & 6


Kill Me Heal Me continues to blow me away and I think I’m starting to go a little nuts because I can’t get it out of my head. The latest two episodes revealed quite a number of clues for us to piece some of the puzzle, but it still remains a big question mark.

At this point of time, I really wonder if it is necessary for Ri On to like Ri Jin, as a woman. I think initially Ri On is considered the second male-lead who likes Ri Jin. The problem with this though, we have no idea if Ri On knows they are not real siblings. And if he doesn’t know, and finds out later – then start to win her over, I don’t think I can watch that.

No recaps, just some screencaps and mostly discussion 🙂

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POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 6

Alright people~ I won’t be doing a recap for Unemployed Romance Episode 6, because there’s really nothing much to say. Episode 6 was not exactly boring, okay maybe it was, it was filled with plenty of repeated scenes. I really don’t know why the drama does not show how does Jong Dae feels in the present. The only Jong Dae we see, is the Jong Dae in the past. Or, towards the last part of the episode, Jong Dae applying for the job – is the Jong Dae in the present.

The thing is – even THAT Jong Dae seems too wimpy for a guy, and I’m not liking it one bit. It’s cute that he loves her a lot, but it’s really not cool of him to be so suspicious of her (probably his ego, since she’s doing better than him?), and he doesn’t think of her position. He even asked his Mom if she had savings, just so he could study aboard! On a side note, like we all probably know, Sun Joo didn’t tell Jong Dae about Seung Hee.

Anyway, Drama needs to do a lot more, or else I would just stay in Wan Ha’s ship 🙂

That being put aside, drama really needs to pick up speed. I appreciate the different formatting – but it would have been much more effective if the script was slightly better so that we would have more story compared to just repeated scenes and meaningless jokes.

POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 6


This is the best episode ever in Answer Me 1994. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden, I had all my wishes fulfilled in this one single episode. See, drama? You can do this! Just keep on doing everything just like this episode, and I would have no complains at all.

This episode’s topic is taking things for granted, and is to remind all of us not to take relationships for granted. We have to constantly express our hearts so that the relationship can stay strong. In this case, the episode focused on presents.

Chil Bong is finally getting his fair share of screen time with Na Jeong, and Trash continues to be as awesome as he already is. The drama did tease us with the ‘Who’s The Husband?’ bit again, by showing the wedding clip, without the groom’s face and also when Sook Sook gave the handphone to the bro-in-law. And yes, Sook Sook is her younger brother. I don’t know why people are making a fuss on Sook Sook in the first place, but oh well. You got your answer people.

Now let’s talk about this awesome episode.

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