POV DISCUSSION: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 8 & 9

vlcsnap-2016-09-21-18h11m08s051Yes! This was what I was waiting for! Finally~

Things gets more interesting and exciting as Hae Soo finally realizes that 4th is Gwangjong of Goryeo, who is known to be a cruel ruler. Complicated emotions and relationships; consequences of every little action…

Will she just stand and do nothing, or will she try to change fate? But the real question is whether they can avoid fate…?

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POV DISCUSSION: Kill Me Heal Me Episode 7 & 8


I love this drama. Well cast, good story, amazing chemistry and it’s not stingy with the kisses. AHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, the latest episodes of Kill Me Heal Me is probably the best so far, and it just keeps getting better. There are lots of clues being dropped in these two episodes, but these same clues make me confuse yet again. But that’s part of the fun 🙂

Every time I watch a KMHM episode, I am reminded at how it was rejected by two initial male actor before Ji Sung decided to pick it up. I am so thankful for this because I can’t imagine anyone else who is able to do this role as good as Ji Sung, and I think everyone would agree. It seems as though Ji Sung and KMHM is match-made in heaven. AHAHAHA. Okay, I’m exaggerating.

As usual, not doing recaps – dramabeans are doing recaps for KMHM so can check the website out. Not much screencaps either, but I have plenty to discuss about 🙂

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POV DISCUSSION: God’s Gift 14 Days Episode 7 & 8


This drama has slowly moved the focus on the time-travel to solving the mystery behind Saet Byul’s real criminal. I do wonder at the end of this all – what will remain the same and what would have changed.

We discover new facts about our characters – and we understand why they act they way they do. But all of these, just gives us more questions than answers, and we’re going around in circles trying to find who exactly is behind Saet Byul’s death.

The only dissatisfaction I have about this drama is the President-story line. At first, it felt alright, but now it feels redundant. If all of these murders are some kind of political conspiracy, I expect more revelations on the politics side (rather than each meeting talking about the execution and how people are hating on Mr. President), because clearly every time they show us the president, I feel like I’m watching a different show.

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 8


Episode 8 toned down a little on the ‘food commercial portion’, but they still included food obviously, just without the lecture. I liked this episode, actually I liked almost all the episodes. However, the drama is slated for 16 episodes, and we’re already half-way through, but there isn’t much development of romantic feelings, or the mystery plot.

Of course, I don’t expect a tear-breaking, makjang romance of feelings being exchanged because the drama is sort of a very breezy & relax and just fun to watch. Easy on the eyes. However, I do want some cute romantic exchanges, because I want something more, instead of the usual fun I’ve had for weeks.

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POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 8


Alright! I wonder what happened to the writer because Episode 8 is so good! It’s considered good because most of the episodes are…err…on the boring side? This episode had a lot of good moments, and I loved it so much 🙂

I feel so bad for Wan Ha because Seung Hee still likes Jong Dae. Wan Ha is really the perfect man – and every part of me wants Seung Hee to be with him, but we all started this drama knowing that Seung Hee will end up with Jong Dae no matter what. Bummer.

Anyway, Yeon Woo is such a sweet nice girl, and her daddy is one funny guy. In this episode, Wan Ha finds out that Seung Hee is still in contact with Jong Dae, though not intentionally and vice versa – Jong Dae finds out that Seung Hee is dating Wan Ha.

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POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 8


Confessions are made, and drama revealed one married couple! As I’ve mentioned previously, and this episode firmly confirms that I would love all Saturday episodes and dislike all Friday episodes. Hahaha. This episode brings us two steps closer, and the truth is out in the open. Two people hesitating to confess, and one person blurting out the truth.

Basically, this episode is revolving about first love, and it’s so damn good. All spoilers after the jump 🙂

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