K-MOVIE Review: Gifted Hands / Psychometry

Alright. I’ve watched the film Gifted Hands/Psychometry and I find it pretty interesting. It’s about a police officer coming across a graffiti on the wall, and he realized that it is the crime scene sometime later. It’s creepy and weird because the one who drew the graffiti is not the killer. 

Basically, the film centres around kids being kidnapped and the police are running around trying to find the criminal. It is also a chase against time, as a new young kid was just kidnapped. Kim Bum, who plays as the person who have the ability to see the past upon touching anything, helps the police to catch the real criminal, of course not willingly. He hates his ability as his mother died because she was afraid of his ability. 

The film is okay overall. It was interesting, but I would prefer it if there were more than just one case itself. It would have heighten the tension a little bit more. 

There is a nice bromance, a little laugh and the ending was okay. If you’re bored one day, you can choose to watch the flim.