POV DISCUSSION: It’s Okay It’s Love Episode 4


Episode 4 confirmed that Kang Woo is actually non-existent, and I am so excited for the upcoming episodes!!! I wasn’t very keen on the whole Kang Woo mystery being dragged on for episodes, because it’s pretty much obvious already – but if such a big reveal is this early in the game, I can expect a bigger twist in the later episodes, right?

There weren’t any special cases in this episode, it focused on mainly Kang Woo and Jae Yeol’s relationship as well as Hae Soo and Jae Yeol’s relationship. It’s weird how Hae Soo is actually the doctor, but Jae Yeol manages to say all the right things, regarding her fear and anxiety.

Now the big mystery is actually who is the real murderer… is it really Jae Beom, or is it Jae Yul?

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