POV DISCUSSION: Blood Episode 6


Alrights. I didn’t post discussions on Episode 4 or 5 – but I’m just going to lump it all up in this post. It’s going to be the same for future episodes because doing discussion for every episode, or every two episode is a little difficult.

Anyway, I think the story is starting to pick up a little and it’s still keeping my interest firm in place. It’s sad how much negativity surrounds the drama itself due to the casts, but honestly, I thought the story is pretty decent.

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POV DISCUSSION: Blood Episode 3


Blood premiered with lots of harsh criticism, and personally I do agree with some of the criticism after watching the first two episodes, but I don’t find the drama as bad as what most people claim.

The main weakness of the drama is the acting by both the main leads, and though some fans have come into the actors defenses, honestly, after watching the third episode, I agree that the acting is not up to expectations, and we could consider it a miscast for the drama.

However, if people were to give me a choice of either watching a bad drama with solid acting or good drama with mediocre acting, I would definitely choose the good drama with mediocre acting. To me, drama plot and storyline is much more important than acting skills. Of course, I’m not saying that Blood is a good drama, neither is it bad.

For now, I think it’s pretty alright and it may be interesting – or it may not. The fact that I’m still watching it means that not all hope is lost. As per usual, just a discussion – not a recap.

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POV DISCUSSION: Angel Eyes Episode 2


Episode 2 of Angel Eyes continue to be awesome – and damn I got it wrong. I thought Hye Joo would die, but it turns out that Jung Hwa, Dong Joo’s mom, died instead.

There were quite a few questions left unanswered – and we’re probably find out as we watch, but the more I watch, the more I love Dong Joo and Soo Wan. They are just awesome characters – and just so amazing to watch. Kang Ha Neul really portrayed Dong Joo very well, and I really hope  Lee Sang Yoon would continue the character’s charm. Of course, Nam Ji Hyun is doing well herself.

Dong Joo left for America as Hye Joo needs a surgery there, and Soo Wan misunderstands thinking that he left her without saying anything despite his promise not to disappear from her.

It’s not going to be a full recap – just screenshots and discussions~

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POV DISCUSSION: Angel Eyes Episode 1


Angel Eyes…was much better than I expected. Honestly, way better. I’m not a big fan of those dramas which have teens falling for each other, but will end up separating due to family issues and meet again as adults. It’s just not really my kind of thing – but in just the first episode of Angel Eyes, I find myself rooting for the couple, and they are so sweet  – I think it would be so painful to see them part 😦

It’s such a waste that Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun are only playing the teen counterpart of the leads, and they only appear for two episodes. Goo Hye Sun will be playing the adult Yoon Soo Wan, and Lee Sang Yoon would be playing the adult Park Dong Joo. I just hope that when the adults take over – the chemistry would still be there, and that the characters are constant.

Sometimes in shows which have child/teen actors, the younger counterpart does extremely well, and when the adults take over, it becomes flat. Let’s hope Angel Eyes don’t go that way. I’m expecting a lot after such an amazing first episode – and I really hope drama doesn’t disappoint.

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