I have so much to say, but putting all my emotions about this drama into words, still doesn’t do the drama justice. This drama is no doubt, one of the best dramas I’ve watched, and it will probably remain as one of my top favorites and I would remember it for a long long time.

Of course – the drama isn’t perfect. There are flaws here and there, but the amazing story, chemistry and acting by the casts – it made the drama a very unforgettable piece.

Now that the drama is over, I hope the casts all get enough rest, especially Ji Sung since he lost his voice while filming 😦 On the bright side, he can look forward to his baby in a 2-3 months time (i think?).

Anyway, I know I’m being greedy but maybe 1 year from now…. can we have another Ji Sung-Hwang Jung Eum reunion? Ahhh. This on-screen pairing is just pure magic and it’s sad if we can’t see them paired up again 😥

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POV DISCUSSION: Kill Me Heal Me Episode 9 & 10


This drama just gets better and better! I loved the latest two episodes and had a good laugh throughout. Of course, we finally have proper clues dropping slowly, though the family history is still a big question mark. Oh – and there was a good amount of tension too in the two episodes!

Even though I miss Do Hyun, I’m glad that Se Gi is back and I wish he stays longer, so that we can see him and Ri Jin interacting 🙂 I want both Do Hyun and Se Gi to spent equal amount of time with Ri Jin, you know?

As usual, not a recap – just screencaps and a bit of discussion here and there.

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