POV DISCUSSION: Missing Nine Ep 1 – 6

vlcsnap-2017-02-04-01h59m04s555I know it’s been a while since I last talked about kdramas but I’m back with a short discussion on Missing Nine~ Initially, I didn’t plan to write about it because the drama felt average to me, but the recent 2 episodes made me interested, so here I am.

The post will contain spoilers.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: Drinking Solo Ep 1 & 2


I was excited when I heard that they will be doing something similar to “Let’s Eat” but shifting it to drinks instead. I actually adored Let’s Eat and even though I don’t drink, I think having a drama about characters enjoying drinking is refreshing for a change!

I loved the first two episodes. Most of the characters have been introduced and I love the different and quirky characters! There’s a good sense of humor and the drama seems promising as a whole.

Nope – we don’t have ‘commercial moments’ of characters downing drinks like how Let’s Eat did with all the food. Instead the moment is shown usually at the end of the day, when the characters are resting and having their own “me” time. Sweet.

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vlcsnap-2016-05-14-08h42m06s585Are we in luck?

I was sad that Memory has ended but yay another awesome drama to catch up on 🙂 I heard good comments about Another Ms Oh Hae Young, so I decided to give it a try myself, and yes I’m sticking with this!

I wasn’t really ready to watch Eric on screen again after Discovery of Romance. Not that I hated him in that drama – just that I really didn’t like that drama. But now I can push that aside because it doesn’t matter anymore.

Another Ms Oh is GOOD!

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I finally finished watching Healer and I’m sad that it’s over. Healer was such an awesome drama 🙂 It’s not the kind which sweep you off your feet – but it was very nice in a subtle way. The characters were well written, there was a good story, and of course good acting!

No – it’s nothing like City Hunter. I don’t know why people assume it’s the same???

The best thing about this drama was that it was very consistent – it was great from episode one all the way to the last episode and it’s so hard to find a k-drama like this! Not once while watching did I felt that there was a sudden shift of focus – or unneeded scene. It was just pure enjoyable.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 1 & 2


Hyde, Jekyll, Me has aired the first two episodes and it got mixed reactions from viewers. I know that people can’t help but to compare it with Kill Me Heal Me (KMHM), and yes – I’m guilty of comparing them too.

You can’t help but compare when two currently airing dramas have a male lead with the same disorder. I’m just going to be guilty of comparing them now after watching 2 episodes. But going forward, I’m not going to compare them anymore.

Personally, I didn’t think the first two episodes were that engaging. It’s not exactly boring, but it’s not that exciting either. I feel like I’m in between and unsure if the drama will remain that way, or will pick up in intensity.

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Pinocchio keeps winning me over with each new episode, and I continue to be surprise at how good the drama is. Then again, it’s the same writer of ‘I Hear Your Voice’ so it’s totally understandable.

Honestly, I wasn’t very excited about the drama because despite liking all the leads, I really wasn’t ready to watch Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye again. The bad memories from Dr Stranger and Heirs is too deep-rooted for me to let go of their roles in those dramas.

And even though I like Park Shin Hye, and believe she’s a good actress, I always find her roles very similar and felt that she is not branching or trying out new or different roles. Surprisingly, I really like her role here, and I hope she pick good projects like these in future.

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Okay, I didn’t manage to talk much about this drama in my previous first impression post, and I thought it didn’t do the drama justice, so here I am with a separate post 🙂

I really like this drama a lot and it’s really nothing like what I thought it would be. The plot is about a woman who loves two men and her mentality about why is it wrong and can’t she love two men. It’s an affair – and it’s not really a theme I like, and it’s kind of a put-off, but the strange thing is that this drama works it. Amazingly.

The last drama about an affair which I watched was Secret Love Affair, and I drop it soon after because I just didn’t like it. This is just very different. It reminds me a little of One Warm Word, the way that it plays with your beliefs and very thought-intriguing.

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POV DISCUSSION: Various Currently Airing Dramas

Alright, I’m back – I wanted to do separate posts for each dramas, but I figured out that I would hardly have time to do so anyway, so I just decided to post discussions on various dramas in one post as it is much easier. There will not be any screencaps and it’s not a recap.

I would be writing about my first impressions on Discovery of Romance, My Secret Hotel, MAMA, The Three Musketeers, and normal discussions for Endless Love, The Night Watchman and It’s Okay It’s Love. Marriage Not Dating has ended airing – and I will doing up a separate post for that.

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