FINAL Review: It’s Okay, It’s Love

vlcsnap-2014-09-16-21h43m31s65It’s goodbye to yet another drama, and this post is dedicated to It’s Okay, It’s Love which ended last week.

Initially I thought IOIL would be a medical drama, though not the usual kind of medical dramas we would find, but as I watched the drama, it turns to be nothing like a medical drama, and it revolves around people with different degrees of mental illness, and disorders.

It shows us that people with mental illness or disorders, are like any other normal human beings, and that anyone can actually have some form of illness or disorders, though the degree of the illness/disorders vary from person to person.

I think what the drama was aiming at, was for us to actually learn a bit more on such issues, and to let go of our prejudice against people with such illness, and to warm up to them.

As to whether or not the drama manages to do that, I will talk about it, in a bit.

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POV DISCUSSION: Various Currently Airing Dramas

Alright, I’m back – I wanted to do separate posts for each dramas, but I figured out that I would hardly have time to do so anyway, so I just decided to post discussions on various dramas in one post as it is much easier. There will not be any screencaps and it’s not a recap.

I would be writing about my first impressions on Discovery of Romance, My Secret Hotel, MAMA, The Three Musketeers, and normal discussions for Endless Love, The Night Watchman and It’s Okay It’s Love. Marriage Not Dating has ended airing – and I will doing up a separate post for that.

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POV DISCUSSION: It’s Okay It’s Love Episode 8


I haven’t been writing about IOIL, well, because I hardly have time 😦 Anyway, just finished watching Episode 8 and wanted to write about the episodes so far. I actually like the drama a lot. It seems very ‘free-spirited’ and it’s interesting how they balance the mystery and the story itself. It seems like everything is written seamlessly, and I appreciate it a lot.

I was a little bothered by the fact of how ‘open’ the drama is, but I’m used to it now. Episode 8 might not have a lot of story going on, but I liked how it focused on Jae Yeol and Hae Soo’s dating life and their personality clashes. I think the writer really put in a lot of effort in the script, even in the characters ‘small talk’, it’s thought-intriguing and interesting.

I felt bad for Soo Kwang – and when I think about it, it must be really hard and lonely to be ill. He’s perfectly normal – but people look at him differently. It’s sad, but it’s the reality we are living in right now. I hope the writer does give someone who will treasure him!

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POV DISCUSSION: It’s Okay It’s Love Episode 4


Episode 4 confirmed that Kang Woo is actually non-existent, and I am so excited for the upcoming episodes!!! I wasn’t very keen on the whole Kang Woo mystery being dragged on for episodes, because it’s pretty much obvious already – but if such a big reveal is this early in the game, I can expect a bigger twist in the later episodes, right?

There weren’t any special cases in this episode, it focused on mainly Kang Woo and Jae Yeol’s relationship as well as Hae Soo and Jae Yeol’s relationship. It’s weird how Hae Soo is actually the doctor, but Jae Yeol manages to say all the right things, regarding her fear and anxiety.

Now the big mystery is actually who is the real murderer… is it really Jae Beom, or is it Jae Yul?

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POV DISCUSSION: It’s Okay It’s Love Episode 3


This episode did it for me. I’m sold. I was still hesitant after watching the first two episodes, because the drama is quite different from the norm – but I think I’m getting used to it, and I actually like what I’m seeing a lot.

Honestly, I feel like there’s too many sex/bed talk. I don’t mind it personally, but I think it does sort of affect the viewing experience to a certain extent. It’s like…. I’m not watching this drama to know about partners behaviors in bed, and who’s abnormal – or who sleeps around with who, I mean…. we’re still watching a drama, with a story right?

Besides that, I pretty much like the whole ‘chill’ vibe this drama is giving me. It feels relaxed and fun to watch, with a little bit of mystery too.

I’m not doing any recaps for this – just small discussions.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: It’s Okay It’s Love Episode 1 & 2


I don’t know how to talk about this – but this drama is definitely different from most dramas. I can’t really find the right words to describe it, but the whole approach of this drama is different from other dramas. It’s interesting in a way, but I can’t say for sure if I would like it or not.

However, I do think that the characters are all interesting enough to keep me interested in watching the drama. Honestly, I’m quite surprised with the laid-back approach the drama takes, even those sex-related jokes. It just seems weird that a prime-time drama is that laid-back, because usually broadcast stations don’t air such dramas at those timing. Usually they would air these kind of dramas much later, around 11pm. It doesn’t matter to me though.

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