SERIES REVIEW: Beautiful Mind

vlcsnap-2016-08-05-09h06m28s467It’s been such a long time, right?!  I’ve been busy >.<

Anyway, back with the series review for Beautiful Mind! I actually loved Beautiful Mind a lot and there were times I really wanted to post discussions on it but I just didn’t manage to write them up.

The last thing I posted on Beautiful Mind was the first impression post. Beautiful Mind was cut by 2 episodes though I really didn’t understand why they had to do that. It’s just two episodes 😥 But still nonetheless, the drama managed to tie the loose ends and end on a good note.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: Beautiful Mind Ep 1 & 2

vlcsnap-2016-06-23-00h20m37s652YESSSSSS! Beautiful Mind was awesome!

I was looking forward for this and the drama certainly exceeded my expectation! It was such an awesome first two episodes!

A murder – and conspiracy in a hospital. How interesting.

All the characters stood out in just these two episodes, even those supporting ones. I’m already sold and can’t wait for more episodes. Bring it on drama!

If I had time, I would totally do recaps for this but sadly I don’t have much spare time to do recaps 😦 I’m pretty sure such a great drama will have someone recapping it 🙂 But I did write up a short summary for the two episodes!

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