King 2 Hearts: A beautifully crafted love story despite being unrealistic

I’ve finally wrapped up watching King 2 Hearts. I know that it ended it’s run about a week ago, but I wasn’t prepared back then to give a closure to the drama. It was an awesome ride all along, and I read some spoilers about Eun Shi Kyung dying, so I avoided watching the last 3 episodes for a week. HAHA!

This is my last post on King 2 Hearts as I give it a proper closure and spaz on how the drama have been tugging at my heartstrings all these while.

If you’re still considering this drama, or you’ve watched it, or whatever your case is, look through my thoughts and share with me if you think this drama is going to be a memorable one.

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WED-THU BATTLE: King 2 Hearts vs. Rooftop Prince

Okay, so the rating battles begin for wed-thu drama, King 2 Hearts & Rooftop Prince. Oh well, there’s other dramas competing as well, but these two are the ones creating a buzz online.

 Which one do you like better or fare better?

I like both. Yup – I’m greedy. I love well-written dramas and dramas which are properly executed. Honestly, before both dramas aired – I was reluctant about both. I hesitated about Ha Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi pairing, and also the story plot, for King 2 Hearts. As for Rooftop Prince, I worried about Yoochun being the male lead.

However, my worries were unfounded – and I have new worries instead.

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King 2 Hearts: Reviews

This drama is good, okay not just good, it’s GREAT. It’s funny at the right moments and it’s really interesting at how they tackle issues about the north & south Korea thingy.

I was hesitant at first when they announced the casting because I thought they wouldn’t look good together. Oh well, the drama proved me wrong! Ha Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi have an amazing chemistry together and I love every bickering moment of theirs. The accent adds a little bit of fun too 🙂

In case you’re thinking about Spy Myung Wol which revolves around a similar issue (north and south korea), just to let you know, it’s different. It’s very different.

Firstly, Ha Ji Won is not a spy. I thought I read somewhere saying that she is – but so far, after 4 episodes, she is not a spy (not sure if she’ll be one further on – but that will make things even more interesting). Secondly, Lee Seung Gi plays an ass very well. HAHA XDD. In the story, he’s really such an arrogant prince and even I feel like giving him a punch – but he’s not that bad and I still love his character! Then we have the secondary characters which are all fun to watch 🙂

I like the way they approached the difference between north & south – it’s really clever.

I think there is still a whole lot more coming and a great deal of fun 🙂

Be sure to catch it!!!

(*I know that Rooftop Prince is airing around the same time – and there is sort of a competition. I’ll do a comparison review soon – but I love both dramas.)