FINAL REVIEW: Descendants of The Sun

vlcsnap-2016-04-18-21h40m59s434And we’ve come to the end 🙂

I’ll definitely miss Yoo Shi Jin, but not to the extent that I’ll have drama withdrawals. Overall, it was a great drama, though personally I do not think that it is the best drama I’ve seen this year so far.

In fact, I actually have a lot of disappointments with DOTS, but there were probably more good than bad.

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I have so much to say, but putting all my emotions about this drama into words, still doesn’t do the drama justice. This drama is no doubt, one of the best dramas I’ve watched, and it will probably remain as one of my top favorites and I would remember it for a long long time.

Of course – the drama isn’t perfect. There are flaws here and there, but the amazing story, chemistry and acting by the casts – it made the drama a very unforgettable piece.

Now that the drama is over, I hope the casts all get enough rest, especially Ji Sung since he lost his voice while filming 😦 On the bright side, he can look forward to his baby in a 2-3 months time (i think?).

Anyway, I know I’m being greedy but maybe 1 year from now…. can we have another Ji Sung-Hwang Jung Eum reunion? Ahhh. This on-screen pairing is just pure magic and it’s sad if we can’t see them paired up again 😥

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POV DISCUSSION: God’s Gift 14 Days Final Thoughts


God’s Gift 14 Days has ended…and as much as I want to shout ‘HURRAY’, I’m sure everyone agree that the ending was ridiculous, and a huge slap on our faces.

This was a drama that I would have recommended to anyone, but now I won’t even ask anyone to watch it anymore because they’ll probably be as frustrated as I am over the ending.

There are many loopholes if you slowly think about it – and I suspect that maybe the writer sort of amended the storyline a little bit, but got too rushed for time, and a proper ending and just did whatever to it.

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FINAL REVIEW: Let’s Eat Episode 16 (Last Episode)


Let’s Eat has finished airing and the last episode wrapped things up beautifully 🙂 I loved every moment of it, and I’m so going to miss everything about this show, especially the FOOD!

Of course, I wouldn’t say the drama is flawless, but I really enjoyed myself and each episode has something to offer, be it the food porn, or the cute, or the mystery.

When I first started watching it, I thought it would be focusing on the lives of singles, and how it is difficult living alone – and it seemed to be going in that direction in the early episodes, but somehow along the way, the drama moved towards the romantic angle as well as the mystery angle – which I didn’t mind at all because it’s full of cute 🙂

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