Poseidon Ep 6: Boxing Ring Scene


I’m no longer going to do recaps for Poseidon anymore and I probably won’t do discussion on the full episodes as well. However, I’ll post whatever I feel like 🙂

Episode 6 highlight for me was Lee Soo Yoon and Kim Sun Woo sparring in the boxing ring. For REAL, this time. At the last episode, we saw Kim Sun Woo being beaten up by Lee Soo Yoon, however, in this episode Kim Sun Woo shows his real strength. Continue reading “Poseidon Ep 6: Boxing Ring Scene”

Poseidon Episode 1 FIRST IMPRESSION

(Poseidon, Mon-Tue)

I was hesitating for quite a while whether or not to pick up the new Mon-Tue drama, Poseidon. I was never really looking forward to it, either with the previous stated casts or the current casts. I was just hesitating because I wanted to see Lee Soo Young in her role but I wasn’t very keen on the others or the storyline.

So I decided to give it a try. I usually give dramas a 2-episode trial before I official decide to watch or to ditch. Of course there are times when I ditch a drama halfway when it really starts to get ridiculous like My Princess or You’ve Fallen for Me.

So let’s get back on topic. So I decided to watch the first episode and overall conclusion is its average. There’s nothing to brag about and honestly, half of the time I’m watching, I’m bored.


So basically, we have Kwon Jung Ryul who is determined to catch this ‘Serpent’ syndicate. One look and we can tell he is the lets-break-rules-if-we-have-to-in-order-to-catch-that-villain kind of police.

We also have Kim Sun Woo (Choi Si Won) who is a coast guard or police officer (whatever you call it, both seems the same to me). From what I see, it seems that he was previously working with Jung Ryul but most probably got demoted or he changed line or whatever after the incident.

We also have Kang Eun Chul (Yuhno) who is a SSAT officer and someone who has some history with Sun Woo. It looks like they’re not on good terms, but Sun Woo seems to hold some kind of anger towards Eun Chul. Eun Chul doesn’t seem to have the same feeling. I’m guessing that they were probably friends before the big incident happen.

Lastly, both the syndicate and the victims have the ‘serpent’ tattoo on them. I’m not very sure if they really put the tattoo on the victims or the victims originally had them (meaning their actually part of the syndicate. It sounds stupid right? But who knows?)

I’m not sure if I’m right or not, but those are just my guesses. 
What I liked about the episode? Hmmmm… nothing, actually.

What I thought was bad? Acting wise, Yuhno is a little weak and I thought all those actions scenes was really uncalled for, or rather lame?

CONCLUSION: I’ll still watch episode 2 and I’ll see if I’ll continue watching it.