POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode One


Cable drama, Unemployed Romance aired it’s first episode yesterday, and of course I had to talk about it. I was waiting for this for quite a while for a few reasons. Firstly, I like both Lee Young Ah and Nam Goong Min. The second leads doesn’t hurt too. Secondly, the plot sounds fun. A writer who is living on unemployed benefits and her ex-boyfriend meeting each other. Thirdly, it’s a cable drama and only 10 episodes long. So due to those reasons, I just had to watch it. Well, the main reason is I love the leads.

So this drama takes on a different concept from the usual drama we always watch. The first 3 episodes will be focusing on Im Seung Hee (Lee Young Ah’s perspective) and the next 3 episodes will be focusing on Kim Jong Dae (Nam Goong Min’s perspective), and the last four episodes will be both of them together. Some might find it weird and not like it, but I’m okay with it.

Most probably, it means that for the first 3 episodes, we won’t be seeing Nam Goong Min at all, unless Lee Young Ah remembers him or something, like a flashback. And same thing goes for the next three episodes. However, the drama will be like any other dramas in the last four episodes. It’s an interesting concept, and it can work surely – only because this drama is aired on cable. It will never work on major channels – well, at least that’s my opinion.

So let’s talk about the first episode 🙂 Continue reading “POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode One”