Rooftop Prince: The downfall

Hey guys~~ This is a mid-term review of Rooftop Prince and I think most of the viewers understand what I’m thinking regarding the show.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I’ve hesitated about the drama quite a number of times, because of the time-issue and some other minor details. Looks like my suspicions were right and the drama is going downhill in it’s second half which is such a pity.


The last few remaining episodes have been such a disappointment and left me frustrated. We suddenly have so many sub-plots which were not really necessary (attempt murder, murder-and-get-away, locking someone, preventing someone to come for the will, and another attempt murder). Seriously, was ALL of that necessary?!

You’re not focusing drama!

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WED-THU BATTLE: King 2 Hearts vs. Rooftop Prince

Okay, so the rating battles begin for wed-thu drama, King 2 Hearts & Rooftop Prince. Oh well, there’s other dramas competing as well, but these two are the ones creating a buzz online.

 Which one do you like better or fare better?

I like both. Yup – I’m greedy. I love well-written dramas and dramas which are properly executed. Honestly, before both dramas aired – I was reluctant about both. I hesitated about Ha Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi pairing, and also the story plot, for King 2 Hearts. As for Rooftop Prince, I worried about Yoochun being the male lead.

However, my worries were unfounded – and I have new worries instead.

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Rooftop Prince: Review

So earlier, I wrote a review for King 2 Hearts and now I’m doing one for it’s competitor, Rooftop Prince.

I like the drama – it’s funny and interesting – with a few question marks as well. Let’s just look it, with a big picture.

It’s funny – a King time travels 300 years into the future and with his servants. So imagine people from ancient times being thrown in a world where everything is modern. You get a bunch of people changing in a lift – thinking it’s a covered room. You get a bunch of people bowing down to a money note because the king’s face is on it.

Well, it’s interesting isn’t it?

Of course – not without some question marks, if you look at it closely.

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