Okay – I’ve been wanting to write about this, but I had to watch a few episodes first before actually writing up the post.

I’ve watched the latest episode, and as of now, I do like the show. It’s intriguing in a way, but it’s not exactly without flaws. In fact, if I were to point out, there are quite a number of things I didn’t really like – but still as a whole, I do like the drama so far.

There’s quite a lot of things I want to talk about – and this would probably be a lengthy post.

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POV DISCUSSION: Who Are You (TvN) Overall Impression

We’ve come to the end of TvN’s Who Are You, and I’m sure all of us has mixed feelings with the show overall. It’s weird how I really liked it at first, but my interest dipped as the drama went on.

It’s funny because when I watched Master Sun, I didn’t really liked it at first because it seemed too exaggerated and the characters are too similar to Hong Sisters previous dramas where as WAY seems more fun to watch. However, as I continued watching, my interest for Master Sun keep growing and my interest for WAY dropped a lot.

I think that WAY should have focused more on the love story and didn’t spend the second half on uncovering the secret of Hyung Joon’s death. It wasn’t a big mystery at all, and the way it was executed was really bad. They should have just spend one or two episode on that so called mystery and spend the rest of the episodes focusing more on how Si Ohn lets Hyung Joon go.

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POV DISCUSSION: Who Are You Ep 11 & 12

Who Are You is left with 4 episodes (?) more, and it’s soon coming to an end. Somehow, it feels like I was handed a basket full of candies and I wished I had another basket, but they took away everything and left me just a few candies. Hahaha. The drama started out great for me and I really liked it. However, the more they are trying to solve the ‘mystery’ of the ‘huge’ incident, the more boring the plot gets. It’s mostly because everyone knows who the bad guys were from the start.

Oh, and Taecyeon’s limited acting is also extra obvious as the episode progresses. I have nothing against idols – it’s just that I would prefer not to have idols in dramas, or rather I’d prefer if they are not the leads/2nd leads in dramas. I’m not saying that they’re bad. Some idols are great at acting, which I welcome them any time, but some I’d rather they lay off lead roles till they improve. Taecyeon improved a lot since Dream High, but…..emotional scenes are still beyond him. When Moon Shik died, I get it that he might feel slightly uncomfortable around Si Ohn and sad, but the thing is I felt nothing at all looking at his face.

As for Si Ohn, I’m not sure if she still loves Hyung Joon or not. I know she still loves him, but it just sorts of surprises me that she was devastated only for a day (in drama time?) at the shop when she regains her memory. Only at that point of time, she called his name lovingly and cried and made me cry along. I mean, if you woke up from a coma 6 years later, finding out your boyfriend died, it should have felt just like yesterday, how could she remain so calm, right?

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POV DISCUSSION: Who Are You Ep 9 & 10

Yaye. Si Ohn finally remembers her Oppa, and it’s so sad that they’re no longer living in the same world. Anyway, the truth behind the ship incident was revealed, and I don’t think it’s that simple, but who cares about that anyway?

I’m just wondering….why Si Ohn is so calm seeing her dead boyfriend?

I mean, logically…she witnessed him being killed and she had forgotten all about him. He’s in front of her now, dead. I just thought that there would be more surge of emotions coming from her. How could she accept it so calmly?

It’s okay anyway, not a major thing. I still love the drama and Kim Jae Wook is such a scene stealer. Hee Bin is really cool anyway, and there must be a reason why she exist in the story right? She’ll probably end up being the person who passes the message from Hyung Joon to Si Ohn.

I don’t particularly want Si Ohn and Taec to get together. It’s nice that he likes her and all that – but I just can’t see them dating. It’s just weird. They look more like brother-sister relationship. Oh well.


I’m not sure if I think too much because I’ve watched too many dramas with lots of twists and turns, so I wasn’t exactly convinced that Choi Moon Shik is the bad guy. However, with this week episode, it’s confirmed that he is the bad guy. Lee Hyung Joon strikes a deal with calculative shaman Jang Heebin, so that he could help Si Ohn gain her memory as well as unveil the truth behind the incident 6 years ago.

I’m glad that the only ghost she sees right now is her fiancé, because I can’t wait till she find out that he was the man she loved. Quickly find your ring! It’s cool that Hyung Joon could block Shi On from others because naturally, I would have thought people would see right through him since he is a ghost.

It’s so sad to see Hyung Joon witnessing that his lover is romancing another guy after forgetting all about him. I really hope she quickly remembers him! However, things shouldn’t be as simple as Moon Shik is the bad guy itself. It should be something bigger, and bad ass, but oh well, we can’t expect 100% in every aspect.

Anyway, this drama is great so far and yeah…I can’t wait for the love triangle to start. Hahaha.

POV DISCUSSION: Who Are You Ep 5 & 6

Hello Hello ^^ I’ve been these days so unable to update as much as I want to 😦

Anyway, I love this drama. Lee Hyung Joon finally appears in front of Yang Si On as a ghost and I’m so excited for the next episode because I’m left wondering if Si On has already gained her memory. She probably remembered that she was there when he died, but I don’t know if she’ll remember that they were lovers.

Right now, there are two possible bad guys, one of which is Choi Moon Shik who is Cha Gun Woo’s senior friend. He hid the evidence of the person who tried to kill Si On, and I’m not sure if he’s doing it to cover someone or to find someone in the inside. And we also have Moon Heung Joo who tells Si On to let him know if she ever gains her memory.

Oh, and I’m surprised that Jang Hee Bin can really see ghosts! I thought she was just a fake shaman, but she really can see ghosts, and she’s not afraid. WOW. Her reaction when she saw Lee Hyung Joon was priceless. I think she’s going to play an important role in Si On’s life.

Cha Gun Woo has fallen for Si On, but I wonder how he’ll react if she meets her dead fiancé.

Now, bring it on next episode 🙂


Okay, people. I’ve watched the first two episodes of TvN’s Who Are You and it’s COOOOLLLL. HAHA. I meant I like it a lot. It was a good first two episodes, but I’m not sure yet how it will turn out in the later episodes.

The first episode was pretty creepy but interesting. So we have Yang Shi On who wakes up from a 6 year coma and is able to see ghosts. 6 years ago, she was with her boyfriend, Lee Hyung Joon who had secretly raided a ship and was killed by someone (I shall name this person X). Shi On saw him being killed, but she didn’t saw the murderer. However, there’s a high chance that X is probably someone Lee Hyung Joon knows because he looked shocked before he died.

We also have Cha Gun Woo, an officer in the same department (Loss & Found) as Shi On, who is hmmm. I don’t know how to describe his character. He’s supposed to be hot-tempered, but I guess…something is off somewhere. We also have Im Sung Chan, another officer in the department (pretty eye candy. Heh.)

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