Arang & The Magistrate: Thoughts & Impression


Arang & The Magistrate is ❤ ❤ ❤

I love this drama. It’s wacky, interesting & refreshing. A guy who can see ghosts & a ghost who refuses to go to the underworld? Oh hell yeah.

Eun Oh has the ability to see ghosts, but he tries to ignore them because they constantly have requests for him. He meets Arang, a female ghost who doesn’t remember how she died. Arang asks him to help her find out who she really is, and Eun Oh refuses at first, until he saw his mother’s hairclip with her. Trying to trace his mother, he helps her.

The story pace is good enough for me, and I think that the drama is really good. It gives us little clues along the way, and we’re left figuring out what the heck is actually going on.

I’m not sure how you’ll find it, but I like it. A lot. 🙂