Late Night Hospital Episode 2

I really like this drama for a lot of reasons. It’s only 10 episodes long, which means the pace for each episode is quite fast, and there is a whole lot of elements which makes it interesting. I won’t be recapping the full episode 2, but I will be recapping the love lines in episode 2 (it took up quite a bit of the whole episode  ^ ^). HAHA. Episode 2 is all about the love 🙂

I’m actually liking Sang Ho a lot 🙂 He’s just adorable. He’s the bodyguard of Goo Dong Man, who is not exactly highly regard by GDM’s right-hand man, Choi Kwang Gook. He feels thankful to Na Kyung for saving his life, so he treats her really nice. However, I think he has a crush on Lee Kwang Mi (Bae Seul Gi), who is a noona he knows. She’s most probably, the girlfriend or someone related to the person who died in the car, in Sang Ho’s past accident. It feels like Sang Ho likes Na Kyung, but I think right now, he just feels thankful. In future, he’ll start to fall for her, I’m sure… whatever it is, he’s just CUTE 🙂

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Late Night Hospital Episode 1

I was keeping my eye on MBC’s Late Night Hospital (airing every Saturday around midnight), but only had time to watched it today. Just like what I prepared myself for, it was a good episode and a great start. It was interesting and unique.

Just for your information, Late Night Hospital is about a surgeon who operates a hospital at night to find his wife killer. There’s more to it than just simple killing actually. It’s a mixture of two of my fav. genres – Medical and Mystery/Crime. HAHA:)

The first episode left a good impression on me, and if it keeps on this way, it would easily make one of my recommended short dramas (it is slotted for only 10 episodes).

Basically, the first episode quickly tells us what happened, and how Heo Joon ended up operating a late night hospital.

Here’s a brief recap:

It starts off in a boxing ring, where Heo Joon was up against another guy. It has some cool effects as well!

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