My Thoughts: Roommate Season 1

Okay – so Roommate has ended, or rather Season 1 of it has ended, and though I don’t really discuss about variety/reality shows, I just wanted to write up a bit about it.

Well, if you ask me – I would say that roommate is actually a failure. Hah. I mean – there were good stuff of course, but I can’t deny that it’s boring and 2 hours per episode is really too long. I only picked this up because I wanted to watch Chanyeol, Seo Kang Joon and Lee Dong Wook. Yes, I sat through 2 hours each episode just for my eye candies.

So what the show initially aim at was for people from different backgrounds to actually stay together and bond. It worked, well sort of.

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Okay, let me breathe for a second. This is not related to dramas – but I just had to post this up. Teaser is out for SBS ROOMMATE, and I swear at the video (0.07 sec), it is SEO KANG JOON! I can recognize his face just from his features~ and I’ve seen ever picture he was in. I wasn’t too keen about this variety honestly, but if Seo Kang Joon is part of the cast, I’m sticking myself to the screen 🙂 *fangirling mode*

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