POV DISCUSSION: Heirs Episode 17 & 18


I can’t explain how happy am I to see that Heirs is finally going to end! It was a painful journey throughout, but I’m glad that there are characters which I loved in that one-hell-of-a-mess storyline.

If you’ve read my previous discussions on Heirs, you would probably guess that my ultimate favourite character in Heirs is Choi Young Do (Kim Woobin). I simply love his character so much. We’ve seen him in his worst, him being lonely, him actually changing for the better. His character is the most interesting, out of all the other characters in the show, and his character’s development in the story is also the most. He remains cool right till the end, and I loved him for that. Episode 18 was the perfect episode for Young Do, because he finally lets go of Eun Sang, and he gets to do something for Tan, to at least ensure that Tan gets to see his mother, unlike him who was too late. And he finally eats a warm home-cooked meal!

Chan Young & Lee Bo Na is next up, because they’re the couple who is sane, and normal and act like students. I love Chan Young for being such a cutie pie and perfect boyfriend and bestfriend. I didn’t like Bo Na at first, but she started to grew on me and she was a great comic relief, because her character was delusional, and that was funny and cute.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heirs Episode 15 & 16


Every time I watch an episode of Heirs, I feel like dropping the show each time Kim Tan and Eun Sang comes on screen. Sorry to those fans, but I really can’t stand their scenes together. To add on to that, I hate Tan’s complicated family matters. The drama is already filled with so many characters, and like it’s not overwhelming enough, there are so many issues everywhere.

Personally, I find the character Kim Tan and Eun Sang completely boring. It’s like the exact same characters taken from every typical Candy-themed drama. The rich guy who gives up everything for the one poor girl who is always honest and getting bullied right and left. OMG. Why can’t they modify the characters a little?! The character Kim Tan is slightly, just slightly more watchable when he’s with Young Do, or Rachael or Won or anyone else besides Eun Sang. However, Eun Sang as a character is just too dull for my liking.

Why I still watch the drama? Because the other characters inside shine a lot. I love Choi Young Do, Rachael, Chan Young, Bo Na, Won & Hyo Shin. Chan Young and Bo Na are the cute and sweet characters, and the rest of them are the interesting ones. I don’t care what happen to Tan or Eun Sang or who gets the company, but I wish that all these characters I love have a happy ending! Oh, and Eun Sang’s mother and Tan’s mother is funny together!

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POV DISCUSSION: Heirs, the characters.

You know what’s making me watch Heirs? The casts. That’s it. When I say the casts, I literally mean the real casts – the real humans, not the characters in the drama.

I can’t find myself in love with this drama, because honestly, I don’t like it. However, it’s filled with people who I adore, like Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Ji Won, etc. How can I not watch it? I swear if none of these actors are in the drama, and it’s filled with actors who I don’t know or dislike, I will never watch this drama.

The conflicts in the story is ridiculous, the characters are inconsistent, and the characters of the ‘villains’ in the drama is much more interesting compared to the main leads.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heirs Ep 7 & 8

Hmmm. Am I the only one who feels that Heirs is like a storybook, with many short stories inside?

The main problem with Heirs is that it has way too many characters and the drama is trying to make every character count. From the secretary to someone’s mother and someone’s father, someone’s tutor, and dot dot dot. It’s like there are too many characters, that the sub-plots feels disjointed. It feels like I’m watching different dramas at one go. Drama, decide if you either want high-school love-bully, or step-brothers in company successor fight, or rich vs poor, or romance…or whatever.

It feels like the writer wants everything in one drama, and it’s not really working well with me.

The characters in the drama is fine, but the story really feels disjointed. Can I separate Eun Sang and Tan, and they’ll be in their own romance drama. I’d separate Won and the tutor girl and the senior and school, and that can be another separate drama. Oh, Chan Young and Bo Na can join Eun Sang & Tan’s drama. Hmm… Rachael & Young Do in a separate drama on their own, with their parents.  Look, we can get three different dramas. Hahaha.

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RATINGS BATTLE (WED-THU): Secret VS Heirs VS Medical Top Team

Okay, let’s talk about the much discussed currently Wed-Thu dramas. Ratings wise, KBS’s Secret is the current ratings leader, followed by Heirs and Medical Top Team. 

I just had to write about this because I wanted to give out my opinions too. Hahaha. 

Which of these three drama are you watching, and which one do you like?

I’m watching all three, and like the majority, I love Secret the most. Secret is my current addiction, even with the other dramas airing on other days. The plot might not be that original, but none of the three drama plots are original anyway. It’s a matter of execution and story flow, and characters. All of these makes a difference. 

Secret is really addictive and all the drama fans just can’t wait to see our OTP get together, because damn, they create the angst so well. It’s really so satisfying to see Min Hyuk running all over the place, wanting revenge, but fell in love with Yoo Jung instead. Every week of Secret is not enough for me. Lol. I like go crazy after each episode end 😦

Heirs created a lot of hype, but the moment it aired, the hype disappears. I’ve mentioned this previously, but the story flow or pace is kind of slow for a candy-themed drama. Not to mention, the large family of characters and messy relationships everyone have. Let’s just quickly get to the point, okay? If not, I’ll end up dropping Heirs. 

Medical Top Team….is okay for a medical drama, but not that addictive enough. It doesn’t have that factor which makes me sit at the edge of my chair. It’s…yeah. However, the characters are interesting enough, or at least to me, I feel like the characters are going to be interesting enough, which may be worth my wait. We’ll see. 

So what drama do you think is the best out of the three?



Alright, one of the most anticipated drama in 2013, Heirs. I shall just use the shorter drama title, because everyone should know about this drama, right?

I wasn’t really excited about this drama, and I watched it without much expectations. After watching the first two episodes, I still don’t have any expectations. Hah. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just that when a drama is all hyped up, you tend to expect a lot from it. I didn’t want to expect too much, because honestly I am not fond of the casting.

There are way too many idols – and I tend to dislike dramas with idols because drama tends to be…err…bad?

Anyway, it’s still a good thing that the main leads in the drama are not idols and are actors 🙂 My impression of the drama? I thought it was okay for a start. It is actually a pretty slow start, considering all the trailers they released and the hype. The first two episodes felt like an extended trailer, and I’m expecting the third episode to be of the same pace.

There are way too many casts for my liking, but I’m fine with it. Now let’s talk about the characters, and I’ll tell you my favourite characters 🙂

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