POV DISCUSSION: Medical Top Team (Last Review)

This will be the last review for Medical Top Team and the reason being that I am dropping this drama at Episode 10. I understand that the drama has aired a total of about 16 episodes? However, after watching 10 episodes, I thought it was enough time to give to a drama to see if the rest of it is worth my time or not.

I expected quite a lot from this drama, because I love medical dramas and since the title is Medical Top Team, I wanted it to be something like J-drama Iryu Team Medical Dragon. However, not only did the drama not have a team of experts, the story is dead boring. Okay, maybe they had doctors who were experts in their own field, but the drama did not portray that even after the drama has aired 10 episodes. We only have scenes of Doctor Park Tae Shin doing well. The others are just bits and pieces, here and there.

Loveline? Pftt. It’s super slow and I don’t even like the main characters. Park Tae Shin is too proud of his skills for me to like him, and Seo Joo Young is irritating to the point that I want to smack her head. Hahaha. Han Seung Jae is alright, but his job seems to be the easiest heh? Just walk around, decide which case to take and play politics. Choi Ah Jin is my favourite character, and she seems like the only character alive in there. Kim Sung Woo is alright too.

Basically, it was too much of a bore and too much politics for me to like the drama. If it was at least heart-warming like Good Doctor or exciting like General Hospital/White Tower, I would have stick with it. Too bad the drama disappoint.

POV DISCUSSION: Medical Top Team Ep 7-8

I’m actually thinking of dropping Medical Top Team. I’m actually a big fan of medical dramas, even though most of them are similar and isn’t as interesting as normal dramas. So I would usually watch it till the end. However, I don’t know about Medical Top Team.

I find this medical drama…a little bland?

First of all, I really…don’t like the character of Kwon Sang Woo, Park Tae Shin. I like it that he’s kind-hearted and would like to save patients and all that – but I find him a tad too arrogant. I hate the fact that he keeps putting down/rejecting Han Seung Jae. He’s too emotional, and focuses too much on his own gut feeling, and shows no consideration for others – which is really a put off for me. The character will work if Han Seung Jae was an ass or something – but Han Seung Jae is actually my favourite character in the drama.

He has strong principles, and like Park Tae Shin, he doesn’t agree with discriminating and differentiating patients. However, he is in a difficult position as he is stuck between his own principles, ambition, the vice-president and the chairman. He’s realistic, and I would say the kind of doctor I would want for myself. I’m not sure if he’ll change in the later episodes, but I hope he won’t because he’s the most normal character.

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RATINGS BATTLE (WED-THU): Secret VS Heirs VS Medical Top Team

Okay, let’s talk about the much discussed currently Wed-Thu dramas. Ratings wise, KBS’s Secret is the current ratings leader, followed by Heirs and Medical Top Team. 

I just had to write about this because I wanted to give out my opinions too. Hahaha. 

Which of these three drama are you watching, and which one do you like?

I’m watching all three, and like the majority, I love Secret the most. Secret is my current addiction, even with the other dramas airing on other days. The plot might not be that original, but none of the three drama plots are original anyway. It’s a matter of execution and story flow, and characters. All of these makes a difference. 

Secret is really addictive and all the drama fans just can’t wait to see our OTP get together, because damn, they create the angst so well. It’s really so satisfying to see Min Hyuk running all over the place, wanting revenge, but fell in love with Yoo Jung instead. Every week of Secret is not enough for me. Lol. I like go crazy after each episode end 😦

Heirs created a lot of hype, but the moment it aired, the hype disappears. I’ve mentioned this previously, but the story flow or pace is kind of slow for a candy-themed drama. Not to mention, the large family of characters and messy relationships everyone have. Let’s just quickly get to the point, okay? If not, I’ll end up dropping Heirs. 

Medical Top Team….is okay for a medical drama, but not that addictive enough. It doesn’t have that factor which makes me sit at the edge of my chair. It’s…yeah. However, the characters are interesting enough, or at least to me, I feel like the characters are going to be interesting enough, which may be worth my wait. We’ll see. 

So what drama do you think is the best out of the three?

POV DISCUSSION: Medical Top Team


Okay, another medical drama! Medical Top Team as started airing, and I would say it’s totally different from what I expected it to be. It’s not a bad thing, but I’m not sure if it’s a good thing either, but I’m liking what I see so far.

I’ve always been fond of medical dramas, it’s only the political battles in a medical drama, which I hate to see. Unless they do it awesomely like ‘Brain’ did. I like watching how doctors battle against time, life and death, and their own personal battles between getting too close to a patient and being a doctor. Of course, it’s really difficult to find a really good medical drama, and most medical dramas are too similar to each other.

I liked Brain a lot, thanks to Shin Ha Kyun, who portrayed an awesome character. I also liked ‘The 3rd Hospital’ for it’s heart-warming relationship between friends, lovers, and doctor and patient. General Hospital was good too. K. Let’s stop talking about other medical dramas.

Firstly, I didn’t expect the first two episodes of Medical Top Team to be…calm?

It was considered calm for a medical drama. First and foremost, I like the characters. Next….hmmm……….that’s all. I only like the characters so far. Hahahha. Nothing else is special enough to talk about yet. Maybe, when things start to get a little more interesting, I’ll let you know?

Oh, and I was expecting everyone to be geniuses…since the title says MTT, but maybe not everyone is a genius, or maybe they are, but not yet shown to us. When they say a group of talented people come together, I was expecting something like J-drama, Iryu Team Medical Dragon…but I guess not.