POV DISCUSSION: Pride & Prejudice Episode 3 & 4


Pride & Prejudice continues to be engaging 🙂 The OTP moments were toned down a little, but we still did manage to get a fair share of them. However, the two episodes revealed quite a lot on what happened to Yul Moo’s younger brother, Han Byul. Or rather than say it revealed what happened, it’s more like we know the reason why she ran away from Dong Chi years ago, and why she’s back for ‘revenge’.

Personally I don’t find the crimes they are dealing with interesting enough, but what makes this drama work for me – is the mystery surrounding it, the characters, and the OTP moments.

I hope that the drama would also put a little bit of limelight on the supporting characters in the later episodes, because it would be such a waste.

As usual, no recaps – just a discussion, and some screencaps.

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POV DISCUSSION: Pride and Prejudice Episode 1 & 2 (Korean Drama)


NEW FOUND LOVE!!! I was excited for K-drama Pride & Prejudice, but I never expected it to be anything like this, or this good. The first two episodes totally blew me away and I just want Monday to quickly come right now.

The description for the drama was very general, and pretty vague, so I didn’t know what to expect from it – and I’m totally surprised that it’s much better than whatever I expected. I love all the casts – and it’s a total blessing for me to have Choi Jin Hyuk, Lee Tae Hwan, Choi Woo Shik and even Choi Min Soo all in one drama. AND I LOVE BAEK JIN HEE!

I’m not going to do recaps for the first two episodes, not sure if I will be doing any recaps – but I do hope someone will do them!!! I’ll just post some screencaps and do a short discussion~

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