Queen In Hyun’s Man: The consequences of time travel

As I’ve mentioned, QIHM is currently one of my favorite dramas airing right now. It has a great balance and after finishing watching Episode 9, I’m convinced that the drama will continue to be just as good throughout.

QIHM really managed to fill up all the gaps, or you might say flaws in a time-travelling drama. RTP showed us a great deal of gaps/ flaws, and that left me disappointed. I didn’t expect QIHM to be this good, and I’m pleasantly surprised.

Let’s see.

It moves back & forth – history & present day. It’s a great thing, because we get to see what happens in each ‘time zone’ and not left wondering. But the main thing I like is the effects or after-effects of the time travel.


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Queen In Hyun’s Man Flows Perfectly

Queen In Hyun’s Man is the drama which is my current favorite right now! It’s really just downright AWESOME & AMAZING.

It manages to do whatever Rooftop Prince didn’t manage to do – and it does it VERY WELL 🙂

Let me just first explain what the story is about. It’s about Kim Boong Do, who is someone’s supporting Queen In Hyun during Joseon times. Let’s connect this storyline to a previous drama.

Did anyone watch Dong Yi? Yeah – you know? Queen In Hyun was the person Dong Yi helped to regain her rightful position as Queen. It helps you understand better the situation in the Joseon times, if you’ve watched Dong Yi. But if you didn’t, no worries.

So, back to where I stopped. Kim Boong Do receives a talisman from a gisaeng (who is previously a servant in his household). That talisman was the thing which saved his life countless times – and made him travel 300 years into the future, where he met Choi Hee Jin, an actress who is playing Queen In Hyun.

Let’s look at what makes the drama so amazing, so far.

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