POV DISCUSSION: Unemployment Romance Episode 9


One episode left before the drama wraps up! I’m actually happy because it felt like a long ride, and 10 episodes felt like forever because honestly, the show has plenty of flaws. Still, I sticked around because I wanted to see Wan Ha. From this episode itself, I have concluded that Wan Ha should just forget about Seung Hee, and find a better woman. He deserves better. Hah.

I’m irritated that Seung Hee is dating Wan Ha, even though she doesn’t like him and gives him false hope only to betray him with her ex-boyfriend. I don’t care if their break-up was a misunderstanding on both of their part, what matters is the present! Right now, she is dating Wan Ha, and it’s just so wrong of her to treat Wan Ha this way. I say, Wan Ha deserves a better woman and he should just leave her. Hahaha!



The car ride back was an awkward ride. Wan Ha just kept his eyes on the road and didn’t say a single word, even though Seung Hee is trying to convince him that she was just worried. Seung Hee looks out the window, and wonders if Jong Dae is really alright.

Security guards are getting fired because of the new screen lock technology, and Jong Dae’s dad was one of them, through a game of Scissors Paper Stone. Hah. Seon Joo returns home with Jin Joo, an opens up a package that she received. Jin Joo asks to borrow the jump rope-without a rope thing, and Seon Joo gives it to her. Jin Joo comments that it’s nice to work under a successful writer, she learn things and get free things.


Seung Hee goes out to sort out her trash and recyclables, and receives a call from an unknown number. She picks it up and no one is talking on the other line. She asks if it’s Jong Dae, and the caller hangs up. Seung Hee realised that there is someone looking at her.vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h03m22s77It’s President Kim. LOL. He apologises to her for whatever he’s done and tells her that he met a rich guy in a casino and he is interested in investing in his dramas. He tells Seung Hee to write up a mini-series and gives her a car.

Gwang Pal and Hyo Shin are in a dental clinic. Hyo Shin is paying for Gwang Pal to get his teeth cleaned, so that he can do his sales pitch while Gwang Pal gets his treatment. Seon Joo and Jin Joo arrives at the clinic too, and Gwang Pal recognises her. Jin Joo likes Gwang Pal who is interested in Seon Joo. Hyo Shin likes Jin Joo.

Jong Dae’s Dad returns to the rice cake store and tells Mom that he lost his job. Mom is angry.

Gwang Pal and Hyo Shin treats Wan Ha to a drink, and Gwang Pal started advising Wan Ha to be careful of Seung Hee because she dumped Jong Dae cruelly when they were dating. Wan Ha is clearly not happy with Gwang Pal talking about Seung Hee and Jong Dae, and tells him to just drink.

Jin Joo and Seon Joo returns to the apartment. Jin Joo asks Seung Hee to get Gwang Pal’s number from Jong Dae. She asks Seung Hee why she dated Jong Dae and not Gwang Pal back then. Seung Hee comments that Jin Joo is the weird one for thinking Gwang Pal is better than Jong Dae. Hah.

Seung Hee goes to meet Jong Dae to get Gwang Pal’s number. She hands him a bag of ox bones as well since they are good for bones. Jong Dae is touched. They had a playful fight when Seung Hee accidentally hits his injured rib. vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h04m03s229vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h04m06s4Awkward. Jong Dae tells her to give him her number so that he could text her Gwang Pal’s number. (Hmm. Didn’t he have her number already?)

Seung Hee sits in the bus and remember about her past with Jong Dae. She recieves a call from Wan Ha calling her out.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h04m25s188Wan Ha takes Seung Hee hand with an excuse that it’s cold and put her hand in his pocket. (squeeee~~)vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h04m29s228vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h04m30s244vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h04m33s17

It’s a couple ring! Wan Ha asks Seung Hee why her reaction is weird, and she says that she is happy to receive the couple ring, and she went on and say that she waited for Jong Dae to give her one but didn’t get one. She realised her mistake and apologise. Wan Ha brushes it off and puts it on for her.vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h04m45s132

Wan Ha asks Seung Hee why they broke up. Seung Hee explains that they were already on bad terms and that when she was in an accident, Jong Dae didn’t even visit her. It was the most difficult time for her. Wan Ha remember the words of Gwang Pal who previously mentioned that Seung Hee was the one who dumped Jong Dae cruelly.

Jin Joo tells Seon Joo that she’s going out to meet Gwang Pal for the character interview, and her plan is spoiled when Seon Joo says she’ll join. HAHA. The four of them (including Hyo Shin) sits at a table and start communicating in a weird way. Hyo Shin asks Jin Joo questions > She asks Gwang Pal questions > Gwang Pal asks Seon Joo questions. They all ended in a club and started dancing. This time Seon Joo dance away from Gwang Pal who follows her everywhere and he is followed by Jin Joo who is being followed by Hyo Shin.

Seung Hee sits in front of her laptop and types “Unemployment Check Scandal” (O.o She’s writing their story!). The doorbell rings and it’s Gwang Pal carrying Seon Joo who is dead drunk. Seung Hee offers him a drink and looks at him suspiciously saying that Seon Joo isn’t the type to drink that much. He pushes the blame to Hyo Shin.

Gwang Pal mentions that he heard she is dating Wan Ha and tells her that it was better if she had parted on better terms with Jong Dae previously. Seung Hee is confused and asked him what did she not clean up during their break up. Gwang Pal went on saying that Jong Dae had a hard time after she dump him, and she asked again what is he rumbling about. Gwang Pal said that Jong Dae had waited all night at his apartment and even met Seon Joo. Seung Hee realised that something is amiss.

Jong Dae and his Dad chat over a drink. Dad says he has a headache and Jong Dae tells him to visit the doctor. Dad brushes it off saying that it must be because he got fired. Jong Dae tells his Dad that he is proud of him no matter what people may say or think. The next day, Dad decides to check if he can collect unemployment checks. He has a bad headache and decides to go to the doctor first. He finds out that the tumor in his head is serious and that he might die if he doesn’t get a surgery in a month’s time. He goes to the employment centre and started arguing with the customer service office when he is not qualified for the check. Jong Dae watches in silence and steps in when it got serious.

Jong Dae and Dad finds out each other’s situation and decides to keep it from Mom.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h05m11s142Seon Joo wakes up and asks Seung Hee for a cup of water.vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h05m14s167vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h05m16s189vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h05m19s217Seung Hee pours the water over Seon Joo’s head, which made her scream and ask if Seung Hee is crazy. Seung Hee admits she is and asked if she had fun lying to her all these while. Seon Joo says that Seung Hee didn’t lose anything, since she is dating the successful Wan Ha right now. Seung Hee says that she is crazy to think that Seon Joo was a friend.

Seung Hee sits alone by the river and thinks about Jong Dae. She gives Jong Dae a call.


Jong Dae is drinking alone, depressed. Seung Hee arrives and ask if there is something wrong. Jong Dae says that his father is sick and may not have long to live, but there is nothing that he’s done as a son. Seung Hee comforts him saying that Jong Dae has done a lot. He even studied for the exam, even though it wasn’t his dream, and that was the reason why Seung Hee liked him. Because he was a warm person. Jong Dae is touched.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h05m42s198vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h05m44s210vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h02m20s223vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h02m23s247vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h02m27s31And they kissed. vlcsnap-2013-12-01-10h02m32s87And he hold her hand as they kissed…which had Wan Ha’s couple ring!


How can Seung Hee betray Wan Ha like this?! I know she likes Jong Dae and has lingering feelings for him, but if that was the case, she shouldn’t have accepted Wan Ha in the first place! When she accepted Wan Ha’s heart episodes ago, she clearly likes him because he was nice to her. What happened to THAT Seung Hee?!

After Jong Dae comes into the picture, Wan Ha is just like a toy she puts beside her. She doesn’t make any effort to make their relationship work, and she’s constantly thinking about Jong Dae.

I feel so bad for Wan Ha 😦

The preview hints that Seung Hee and Jong Dae probably slept together and Jong Dae is trying to push Seung Hee away. Wan Ha is angry, punches Jong Dae and tells Seung Hee not to return his heart. Poor Wan Ha 😦 It’s okay boy…you deserve better. I wanted him to be with Seung Hee, but now I think Seung Hee doesn’t deserve him. Haha. Seung Hee and Jong Dae can go get married or whatever, and Wan Ha, I hope you find a better girl 🙂

Anyway, the writer doesn’t seem to check the consistency of the drama, which makes this drama full of flaws and loopholes. Clearly Jong Dae already have Seung Hee number. He called her previously during the ‘fake attack’. He might not have saved the number, but there are call logs…right? Besides, Seung Hee mentions to Wan Ha on a car ride before that she will contact Jong Dae for the dinner appointment – which Wan Ha says he will do it instead. So she should have had his number too…right?

And Jong Dae’s character is in a mess too. He was introduced as an immature guy who is foolish in love, and now he’s a mature warm guy? Hmm….where did the development happened? Seung Hee’s character too! In the first three episodes, she clearly was attracted to Wan Ha, but that Seung Hee disappeared completely when Jong Dae appears. She is always awkward around Wan Ha and she doesn’t make any effort to make her relationship with Wan Ha work.

Wan Ha is the best character in this drama, and I really wish him all the best.


2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Unemployment Romance Episode 9

  1. At this point I don’t even care about the characters anymore. I just want to see how this finishes out. I too wanted Seung Hee and Wan Ha to be together, but not anymore. Wan Ha deserves way better. I mean really. Does she even like him? I thought she did, but now I’m not so sure. The scene where Wan Ha gave her the ring and she went on a tangent about Jong Dae, my jaw literally dropped. How insensitive was she to do that. Clearly she is not over Jong Dae. So annoying.

    Thanks LeeJIN so much for all the recaps on this drama. It’s been a rough ride for us watchers. One more episode to go. Woohoo…

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