Birdie Buddy Final Impression

I’ve just finished watching Birdie Buddy which aired every Mon-Tue on TvN. The drama had just finished wrapping up earlier this week, and I thought I would just give some last words on the drama as a whole and the last few episodes.

The last episode had me crying throughout, and I never thought that there would be a better ending. The ending for the drama was perfect.

My whole experience watching Birdie Buddy was really a great one, and I’m so thankful that a cable TV had picked it up for broadcast. The ride was worthwhile, and it was one of the most “relaxing” drama to watch since it was pre-filmed. There’s no last minute changes to the story or last minute editing or all those stuff which happens in live-shooting dramas.

I would put this drama in my RECOMMENDATIONS page, and write up more about it there 🙂

Anyway, next week (Mon-Tue on TvN) will be “Flower Boy Ramyun” which stars Jung Il Woo~~~

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